House Cleaning Customer Highlight Cupertino brings us quite a few employees of the California Apple. The giant tech company has grown Cupertino from a an ambitious town to one of the biggest names in the world. All of our Cupertino house cleaning customers love our simple online booking and checkout and we’ve heard many times how easy it is working with us (like an iPhone!). Kim, one of our very first Cupertino house cleaning customers, was on a search for the best house cleaning service she can find. She searched far and wide, trying many different services. She was looking for house cleaning services that she can trust her home to when she’s not there.


She needed the professional house cleaners that came to her home to be full time employees protected by workers compensation insurance and heavy loss prevention general liability, not unreliable contractors. She’s dealt with theft and injury claims by contractor agencies, and she never wanted to repeat that nightmare again. She found us, booked online, and she was set for her first deep wash house cleaning. Nyla had no clue of the treat she was in for.