House Cleaning Customer Highlight.

After submitting his 30 day notice with intent to vacate his leased five bedroom single family residence in Los Gatos, Michael was packing his belongings with the help of his hired professional movers. He needed one last thing; a local Los Gatos house cleaning service to help him wrap up the cleaning. As he walked around the house, he noticed his off-white carpet which had now turned a yellowish brown color thanks to his teenage Los Gatos High School soccer star children. It was clear that this home was in dire need of both a house cleaning and carpet cleaning. Michael set out to find a combo deal, frantically searching Yelp on his phone for companies offering combo deals on “Los Gatos house cleaning”. Thankfully, Michael found us. Within minutes, combo cleaning was booked and ready.

On our follow up call, Michael mentioned how sparkling clean the home looked, how he never noticed how dirty the baseboards had gotten, and how beautiful the lime-encrusted faucets were now reflecting shines of Michael's massive smile. He also signed up for regular weekly cleans with us for his beautiful new Los Gatos home.