House Cleaning Customer Highlight San Jose and its beautiful  homes built in the ’60s has always been the quieter, more peaceful side of the Silicon Valley. Even as the birthplace of San Jose Sharks, it still maintains its small town charm. Every single one of our San Jose house cleaning customers has been a joy to work with. Tina was one of our first San Jose house cleaning customers. She called us with a very well crafted set of questions to ensure she receives quality service. The questions revolved around our maids and how we operate our maid service. Are the maids paid fairly? Do we offer house cleaning discounts? Are we covered by insurance to protect her home?

They answers were yes, yes, and yes! On her first cleaning, we sent Tina the maids equipped to run through and hand wash every nook and cranny of her house as part of our deep house cleaning option. Once she saw the result, she called us before we even had the chance to give her a follow up call to sign up for our recurring house cleaning plan.

We even made sure to sanitize the light switches and hand wash the baseboards and light fixtures to make his her home as bright and cheery as possible. She especially liked our systematic approach to deep house cleaning combos, moving through room by room efficiently and making sure no surface is left unwashed. We love you Tina and thanks for making San Jose feel like home!